Conflict of Interest

State laws governing ethics and conflicts of interest are based on the premise that public employees are acting on behalf of government for the benefit of the public. As public employees of an institute serving the educational and public purposes of teaching, research, and professional service, there is an obligation to conduct research and official duties on behalf of the Institute in such a manner consistent with statues and regulations. The avoidance of conflict of interest is vital to ensuring the integrity and objectivity in conducting and reporting research.

For more information regarding Georgia Tech's conflict of interest policy visit the conflict of interest website and view the conflict of interest policies.

Additionally, to ensure objectivity in operations the Board Members, Trustees and Offices of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation and the Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation are subject to disclosure of any matter that is coming to the Board or any transaction that GTRC may enter into that they may have a personal or financial interest in. The form for such disclosures is here.