GTRC is involved in a variety of business activities to support Georgia Tech's sponsored research and technology transfer efforts. The organization's primary services are described below:

Operational Support Services

GTRC Operations provides the necessary services for GTRC and the Office of Sponsored Programs to conduct business. The group manages outside vendors and works in concert with other campus departments to help GTRC achieve its mission.

  • Serves as patent agency for obtaining patents on Georgia Tech inventions and for licensing, development and commercialization by industry
  • Information Technology desktop support and backbone infrastructure for GTRC and OSP
  • Facilities management
  • Building security
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

Researcher Support Services

GTRC assists Georgia Tech in recruiting research faculty by appropriating funds for initial program costs for new senior research faculty, extraordinary costs of relocation, doctoral fellowships for research faculty, subsidies for the purchase of personal computers, and more.

  • Mortgage relocation (i.e., paying costs of moving household goods of new research faculty, as well as personnel travel costs)
  • Lab and research relocation
  • Faculty reimbursement (providing financial support to programs for research faculty tuition reimbursement, foreign travel, and travel to professional society meetings)
  • Direct financial support for graduate students
  • Grant money to support research endeavors

Accounting & Reports

GTRC Accounting is responsible for maintaining the financial integrity of the GTRC/GTARC accounting records. In addition, we monitor and analyze trends for income, research expenses, operating expenses, and GTRC's grants to the campus.

  • Campus travel advance program
  • Collections on sponsored research projects
  • Serves as a fiscal buffer between external agencies and Georgia Tech through such activities as: carrying accounts receivable, assuming responsibility for retroactive provisional overhead adjustments, and absorbing bad debts
  • Advances funds to Georgia Tech on a no-interest and loan basis when availability of state funds is delayed
  • Appropriates funds for facilities and equipment — particularly when a research award may be contingent upon Tech’s having the facilities or equipment
  • Leases research equipment and facilities for use by Georgia Tech
  • Maintains and analyzes historical data on cash flow, accounts receivable, revenue, expenditures and other corporate statistics
  • GTRC/GTARC banking and investments
  • GTRC/GTARC purchasing
  • GTRC/GTARC accounting records
  • GTRC/GTARC financial reports and analysis to the Board, campus and internal management
  • GTRC/GTARC budget preparation
  • GTRC/GTARC audits coordination
  • Maintains sponsored projects ledger
  • Posts sponsor remittances on a timely and accurate basis
  • Procures research animals
  • Carries comprehensive liability insurance on research operations
  • Tracks licensing income, expenses and prepare royalty